Monday, June 05, 2006

side walkin it and other hazards

ok.. so last night felicia and i decided to take the venture into center city for some well deserved sorbetto and gelato. we decided to walk.

it was a lovely time with nate and dan serving us our yummies and chit chatting about magazines and men and the likes. i enjoyed a hazelnut gelato on a cone in which nate so courteously filled with whipped cream, while felicia savored her double scoop strawberry sorbetto (which proved to be way too much for the dainty gal. i mean cmon flea.. you gotta learn how to be a pig here like me. hehe.)

we finished, and set out for the walk home. to spice up the evening we decided to take an alternative route home rather than going the same way we came. (wow.. i know what you're thinking: if this is spicing up your evening you gotta get out more! but im just using that type of language for the story..mmmkay?)
back to the story....
we walked down 13th street, and here's where the excitment started. as we walked a man on a bicycle came flying down the sidewalk. he wasn't just flying, he was swerving all over the place! and i dont mean laxadazical swaying from side to side, i mean CRAZY SWERVING! he was a mad man i tell you! a this point my knight in shining armor, felicia, was quick to her whits and screamed, "OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING? GET OFF THE SIDEWALK YOU FUCKING RETARD!!!!!" and of course the lunatic rebuttled with an emphatic groan. (okay... sidebar here.. it WASN'T emphatic. i was using a literary tool called sarcasm)
at this point i laughed my ass of while other pedestrians: 1. instructed us on a better way of handling the situation. 2. watched in horror. 3. watched in delight.

we continued home, arriving at the house around 11 or so to discuss whether or not the 5 mile or so walk burned off any of the diabetes fest we had earlier indulged in.
it was a great little venture the two of us had. so glad we did it. we MUST do it again soon. (here's where i am making a flipping gesture with my wrist while batting my eyelashes)
ta ta.


Ugh.. have you read my blog? (probably not because I never update it) My spelling errors and typos are absolutely ATROCIOUS!!! Really.. they are exceptionally bad. My appologies to anyone who tried to read this crap.

my life update

do you really care? I didnt think so. But I am lookin pretty hot in my bikini in this picture. ha.... Like anyone even reads this thing.