Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Keenan's is racist

Yeah.. that's right. Not a surprise in Wildwood. Me and Tiago went to the beach this weekend to my parent's house and to see my sister for memorial day. We had a nice time despite the racist and ignorant bouncers at Keenan's in North Wildwood. On saturday we got up early and had breakfast with my mom and then walked the boardwalk, played some games and I even talked Tiago into going on a rollercoaster! yeah! Then we went out for dinner with my uncle john, my dad, and cousin sally and darrel. It was really nice. Later on saturday we decided to meet alice and friends for some drinks at flip flops. Well I must say that I like the new place they have there, and the service was surprisingly great for a busy memorial day weekend. After flip flops we made our way to Keenan's- something we've been doing for about 7 years now- not to mention all of the times that my parents and their friends have gone there. Well- after saturday night, I will NEVER go to Keenan's again. Not only did it SUCK inside ( you know the routine- stupid music you could hear on the radio, smelly, long waits for drinks, disgusting bathrooms, and lots of underage drinking)- they also harassed Tiago at the door and would not let him inside. Tiago was very nice and gracious, but I was pissed! They said that they couldn't take his driver's liscense because it wasn't from the United States. That's the biggest load. meanwhile they take 16 year old's IDs... if they are girls wearing miniskirts and halters... ew. Boo Keenan's- you have continually gotten worse each summer.

And some people don't understand why I don't want to live in wildwood- ignorance, racial discrimination, and just idiocracy. that's why.

Friday, May 23, 2008

backyard bliss...

I finally got the back yard finished. It's beautiful. I love it.

Little 'ole Tiago..

.. aint as shy as everyone thinks. here's a video to prove it!!

getting my master's degree..

Well.. it's over. I have my masters! woooooohooooo! you know the expression, "bitter-sweet"???? Well- this graduation is NOT that expression! ha. It's just sweeeeeet.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A little birdie told me...

... That one of my murals has been painted over. YES. it is unfortunately so. This birdie aint lyin. I made a trip passed my former place of employment, Beginnings Learning Center, to verify the news... and it is correct. A lovely (and by lovely I mean disgusting) coat of gray/lilac now blankets what used to be the mural I completed about four years ago. The mural was a project I started as a gift to the Beginnings class of 2004, and for all of the future students to enjoy. It was based from a book that the kids loved and which mirrored their "beginnings" at the school and metamorphosis from babies to, as I called them, "kiddos." The mural was about five huge panels that chronicled the life of a butterfly from eggs to caterpillars, crysalids, and then of course to butterflies. The images symbolized the way in which Beginnings students/ graduates move on from pre-school into new territory in their education. I really loved the mural.. but I guess Beginnings is also moving into new territory and making their own changes- unfortunately, one that meant leaving the mural in the past.

Here are a few pictures of me when I was working on the mural.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

more food

well I'm still cooking.. getting even better, and loving it.

Friday, May 02, 2008

New blog

Hey everyone...

I have created an additional blog just for my artwork and exhibition news.

View it here

or you can link it from my blogroll on the right.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I'm in the City Paper!

Hey! Check me out! I'm on page 36 of the city paper this week... well my painting of Natashia is. WHOOOOHOOOOO!!! I'm famous! oh wait.. forgot to mention that they did NOT credit me. :(

CITY PAPER listing