Thursday, January 31, 2008

life updates: video

Video is fun. Here are some.

life updates: painting exhibition

I have a painting exhibition going on now at The Chapterhouse Cafe and Gallery on 9th street between Bainbridge and South Streets. I did a lot of new work for the show, and I'm pretty happy with the results.

life updates: being a bridesmaid.

I was in a wedding this January. It was the marriage of my BFF Meghan Touey and my homeboy Luke Pattrick O'Connell. WOW! What a wedding. It was spectacular.
Above are the bridesmaids and bride at the shower... and me coming down the isle.

life updates: museums

So I think most people know.. but I'm in grad school now for museum studies. These are just a few photos from my months studying museums...
This is me at the Franklin institute doing some serious field work:

Here I am leading a tour group onto the USS Olympia at the Seaport museum where I interned.

This is a photograph of the mural I did at the Philadelphia Art museum as part of my internship there.

.. and action painting at the Moma when I went to see the Serra exhibit. loved it btw.

life updates: boyfriend.

ha. ok.. well I'm going to start a few blogs that arre pretty much just an update of my life. One is that I have the best BF in the US or Europe. He is awsome. He is Tiago. We met when I went to Portugal with my friend Marta in 2006. Now he is in Philly and life is grand. Here are a few pictures in case you see him around town and you want to say "Hi" or "Ola!"

.. back to blogging.

Ok. So I always say that I'm going to blog more and then I never do it... but... because I am in graduate school now and I have NO life, I decided that this is a way that my peeps can feel in the loop. (Who am I kidding? No one ever reads my blog.)
Anyways, here is a current photo of me- in case many of you have forgotten what I actually look like.