Monday, June 22, 2009

Sonhos cor de rosa

So I cannot express how excited I am getting for our vacation to Portugal!!!! At first we wanted to take a couple of days to travel on down to the algarve (the southern part of the country with all of the cool beaches) but after looking at the prices of hotels down there I was like "Naw dude." It's over 300 euros a night for even the cheap hotels!! WTF? So instead we've decided to stay in the Lisboa area and stay in Cascais. I was reading some travel books and found the most awesome bed and breakfast eva! (And I mean Eva eva... eva eva? Eva, eva.) Yeah. it's hot. It's this little place called Casa da Pergola, that's still family owned after a hundred years, and has the funniest/ cool rooms and absolutely beautiful gardens! And the best part? It's a five minute walk to the beach and a five minute walk to the train station (which takes you 20 minutes to Lisboa, and stops at Estoril on the way!) Yay! So Tiago called today, and unbelievably, the room that I wanted is available! Here's a link to the hotel's website: