Thursday, September 22, 2005

still trav-lin....

hi. im now in amsterdam... yeah.

i was in santandaer, bilbao, burgos, and madrid..... they were awesome.... got to see the guggenheim and all that good stuff, which was amazing. im museummmmmmmmed out. santander was the best, but i think i had a little too much fun. mmmmmmmmmm. santnder. yo queiro santander. me gusto santander. santander esta muy bien. hehehehehe. i dont have time to elaborate... people waiting to use this thingy.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


well, barcelona was awesome... and i didnt even get mugged like chaddwick said!! did you know if you ever wanted to meet an australian, all you have to do is go to a hostel in europe... they`re everywhere!!!
now i am in madrid. mmmmm. me likey madrid. haha.
i will be going to santander tomorrow for a wedding... that should be fun.

well i have to be off...going to ANOTHER museum...what is this like number 50??
i love it.

Friday, September 09, 2005

im now in florence

im not really sure what of the trip i have posted already, but i am having the best time in my life! i dont think i ever want to come back. berlin was my favorite city so far. being on trains so much has given me a lot of time to think about things. i actually really enjoy that time... plus, i think i am beginning to become a loner. i am really enjoying being by myself and figuring things out myself.
all of the travelling stuff can get pretty confusing, especially when i dont know any language, but i am very proud of myself for figuring it out. i have been keeping a journal of all the specific little stories that have happpened... just a few now... i ll give you one for each city so far...
in dublin the stereotypes are true.. people are always drunk. it was so fun. i ate at a place called the bad ass cafe in temple bar. and later that night i got to watch some drunk kid get arrested for snatching a bag. made some irish friends too

in london, i stayed in the smelliest hostel ever!!! there was this kid in there who absolutely stunk!!! ugh. i had to sleep with potpurri in my face. haha. also, the police busted in the room at like 4 in the morning looking for some kid. they came in and messed up all his stuff, and went through his things and mattress and everything. then they took his passport and left. that was pretty interesting. also, a japanese guy came up to me and asked for my picture... i thought he wanted me to take a picture for him.. but he just took a picture of ME and then was like "thank you very much" and walked away. haha. oh!!! also in london, i went to a pub with think canadian guy i met, and we left on the underground where there was this really drunk girl pole dancing on the pole in the underground car... the BEST subway ride ever!! i got some good pics of that night.

paris was good. but i dont think anything funny happened.. cant remember anyway. oh wait... the tedster was paris, i forgot. oh teddy. the tedster. i met a guy in paris named teddy. he ended up being a big douche bag. ha!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. i want to move to berlin. i loved it there so much. i met an artist guy, and talked, and exchanged websites. i also bought one of his prints. he does collages that are political and also very funny and fucked up.
in berlin i got in trouble with the police. haha. ill explain later.. no big deal in the end. makes for a good story.

i met a girl in prague and made good friends with her (carly). we walked around and took a tour that we lost and got separated from. i also met a guy in the hostel who was born in the same hospital as me!! how wierd!! the gulash was delicious and the beer was cheap. i had a good time. haha.. figuring out the post office was pretty interesting too. got to go to the mucha museum as well!!

oooh.. i got to see the leopold museum, with all of egon schiele s paintings. how wonderful. the word "wiener" was everywhere, you couldnt escape it!! haha.

i was in a pretty shitty mood the time i was in venice, because i hadnt slept for about 3 days or eaten in 2. but then i got some pizza and cake and felt much better. i even jumped in the water for a swim!

i am just now in florence, and i will be going to the beach later today. im happy because i got to finally do laundary.
any way.... those are just SOME of the great stories i have... i f i get time i will post some more, and maybe even some pictures.. like always, i have some really great pictures from this trip!!
miss everyone. love you all!!

Saturday, September 03, 2005


berlin is wonderful! i love love love love it! the town is full of sooo much history, but it is full of young hip people and many artists. there is an ar school here, maybe i will apply and never come home. he. he. i DID get in trouble with the police here, however... when i got on the underground i didnt validate my ticket ( i thought you had to do it on the train) and so the police took me off the train and took my passport until i paid a fine. i was pretty pissed actually, because i really had bought a ticket.... i just didnt know how to use it. im keeping a journal here, and i think i will be making a scap book of this trip. it has ben great so far. im going to praha tomorrow. and i#ll finally have my own room. yay! by the way, the keyboards are differnt in some places, so dont mind the typing errors.