Saturday, September 03, 2005


berlin is wonderful! i love love love love it! the town is full of sooo much history, but it is full of young hip people and many artists. there is an ar school here, maybe i will apply and never come home. he. he. i DID get in trouble with the police here, however... when i got on the underground i didnt validate my ticket ( i thought you had to do it on the train) and so the police took me off the train and took my passport until i paid a fine. i was pretty pissed actually, because i really had bought a ticket.... i just didnt know how to use it. im keeping a journal here, and i think i will be making a scap book of this trip. it has ben great so far. im going to praha tomorrow. and i#ll finally have my own room. yay! by the way, the keyboards are differnt in some places, so dont mind the typing errors.

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emynd said...

Dude, don't try to pull that "keyboards are different" shit to cover up your typos. I know for a fact that they've got "r"s and "t"s on them bithces (in fact, I'm quite sure that the only differences are that the "y" and the "z" are inversed). Anyway, tell Deutschland "Servos" for me.