Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Worn: Flor(ed)

(Yes. You guessed it, "flor" is the word for flower in Portuguese- hence the silly title.)

I love to wear this LBD lots of different ways depending on the weather. Well it's May and what better to pair it with than beautiful May flowers... garment style of course.

For chillier spring days (when a sweater is necessary):

For sunnier spring days (no sweater necessary):

As I mentioned in another post, I snagged this Valentino scarf for $35 at a silent auction. $35! What! I just needed to say that again because I'm proud. Very proud.

Dress: Vintage
Sweater: Target
Belt: Target
Shoes: Payless (Can you believe it?!)
Scarf: Valentino
Bag: Purchased at Decade in Denver

Um..... can we get a shot of those Payless shoes again?


And speaking of Payless shoes, what do you think about these wedges?? I love them.

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two birds said...

after reading your post, i might be spending some money at payless! you look adorable and i love both of the ways you styled this dress! i also love your finger nails!!

Heather Wingate said...

Thank you! Can you believe Payless? Amazing...

Sam said...

I had to comment on your post, I have the same sweater from Target! I'm basically in love with mine haha. Love those shoes too, if only the Payless here had better selection! Those are super cute!


Heather Wingate said...

Thanks, Sam! I think you can buy Payless shoes online... sometimes the selection at my store is pretty dismal, too!

Meagan said...

I like how you added the leopard print belt!

Heather Wingate said...

Thanks Meagan! That's a new belt from Target... love it!