Thursday, June 16, 2011

Should I be airbrushing my thighs?


Maybe I'm oblivious, but since joining this site, I have never been more aware of my pasty-white, vieny, cottage cheese legs.

These ladies must be using their photoshop skills to tan and smooth their legs. Right?

I mean, who among us has perfect legs?

I had this roommate once who despite being the bitchiest, vainest, most detestable person I have ever known to date, had the most AMAZING legs. I still dream about her fabulous legs- but not in that creepy "I want to lick your legs" way but rather the "I really really wish god had given me your legs since I'm such a nicer person than you" way.

So yeah. Air brushing. Legs. Photoshop.

I can't help but recall the time I got a fake airbrush tan two years ago. Overall it was kinda a good experience despite having to get completely naked in front of a much-skinnier and prettier- than me stranger while I held my boobs up and got all up in my thighs. But the tan actually looked pretty good and definitely hid my flaws. Oh yeah and I didn't have to bake in the sun and endure sunburn and feverblisters along with the fear of skin cancer. Although I'm sure in ten years there will be someone with a study saying that spray tans cause cancer too.

Yeah, I think I'm just better off with photoshop.

Ah, how proud my artschool teachers would be to know that I'm using my $125K education to photoshop the cellulite off my thighs. I'm really successful. You're jealous.


Aubsent From Texas said...

ahahaha! You are funny! Yeah, nothing to make you uber self conscious like posting photos online. Especially when so many of the real girls who are fashion bloggers look like models.
Photoshop is my bff :)


Heather Wingate said...

Ha ha... well thank you! It can be tough to look at all of these beautiful girls all the time! But inspiring...