Saturday, June 18, 2011

Worn: Country Pink

Skirt: Forever21
Shirt: Express
Belt: Old Navy
Shoes: American Eagle
Bracelets: Vintage

I bought this skirt about ten years ago when Forever21 first opened near Philadelphia. I think it was my first Forever21 purchase that began my love affair with the store. What you can't see in photos is that the skirt is actually stretchy... which is good for someone like me who needs to move a lot at work. I've paired it with lots of tops and accessories over the years, but I still like to wear it best with a black tee.

Are you like me in that certain clothing items remind you of events or pastimes? This skirt is one of such items for me. I remember wearing it with a white tank at the beach in Wildwood soon after I got it. I remember wearing (with flip flops) it out to dinner in college with some girlfriends. I remember wearing it with a black top out to dinner in Cape May with my parents. I remember wearing it to my first day of work at the Delaware Art Museum. I remember... I remember... I remember......

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