Thursday, August 11, 2011

Forever 21 + Denim Disaster

Um... can we talk about this?

Seriously? Seriously. I mean, are they serious?

I am so disappointed forever 21.

Kudos for having a plus sized line. Kudos.

But are you for freakin real with these designs? These designs are just simply NOT flattering. WTF. Or rather, more appropriately, WTForever21?

Don't get me wrong, there are lots of really nice things in this line- namely the dresses.

But these jeans are too tight, too stretchy and the fabric finish is too wrong. You can't just make the same skinny jeans in a bigger size and slap them on a bigger girl. You have to make something that looks good on gals! Duh!

Shame on you. But am I surprised? No.


Lina Budesa said...

Completely agree--- btw, thanks so much for mentioning my name for the interview. I was so honored to represent UARTS Summer Dance :) I'm so excited!

Heather Wingate said...

HI Lina,

Glad it worked out! You're the perfect gal for an interview!

Lina Budesa said...

Aw, thanks sooo much! I was so flattered