Sunday, January 29, 2012

Matryoshka: Nailed It!

My friends keep telling me that I need to take it to the next level. So I'm going to slowly start "upping the anti" in my nail posts. This week I did tiny little matryoshka dolls on my nails. I've actually been wanting to do these for a while, but I first envisioned nails that were just inspired by the dolls. You know- maybe some simple roses or the colors in a simple pattern or something. But I figured, why not try to hand-draw them on each nail. After all, I am an artist, with a BFA in Painting.

Here's how I did them:
1. Paint entire nail red (I used Essie Clam Bake)
2. Paint top half of nails yellow (I used Sally Hansen Xtreme)
3. Using white polish, paint a thick white strip in the middle of the nail, making sure to leave a space at the bottom near the nail bed.
4. Use light or hot pink and a dotting tool (I use an old pen) to make pink flowers and pink cheeks
5. With a dotting tool, make green leaves and accents near the flowers
6. Use a black nail art pen to draw eyes, head, hair, scarf and arms.

I'm happy with the results, although I wish they were a little more "neat".


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